Known Issues in AccuAccount v2016.4

Known issues reported to our development team and OnTime* ticket numbers:

  • (#2771 - Fixed in v16.4.6563.10975) Pipeline Report by Application Status required applications to have an Estimated Closing Date in order to populate on the report. 
  • (#2776 - Fixed in v16.4.6630.11219) Task Exceptions aren't tracking properly off of the Loan Maturity date. 
  • (#2780 - Fixed in v16.4.6563.10975) Within the Document History, the option to create an Excel file isn't working.
  • (#2790 - Fixed in v16.4.6541.10858) Unable to cancel out of the Edit Financial Documents page. 
  • (#2806 - Fixed in v16.4.6563.10975) Within the Document History, there is blank space at the bottom of the page. 
  • (#2825 - Fixed in v16.4.6563.10975) Unable to copy account documents to an account owned by a different customer. 
  • (#2826 - Fixed in v16.4.6630.11219) Able to add a Choice Flex Field with no Choice List which causes an error on the Search page. 
  • (#2830 - Fixed in v16.4.6630.11219) Error occurs when unlocking an application.
  • (#2831 - Fixed in v16.4.6563.10975) Flex Fields set up as Choices don't always stay selected when editing a customer or account if changes have been made to the options in Flex Field Maintenance. 
  • (#2834 - Fixed in v16.4.6630.11219) Error occurs when selecting 'Edit Financial Documents' from the Customer Maintenance screen.  Work-around - Edit one of the customer's accounts, select the 'Documents' tab, select the link 'Edit Financial Documents'.  You will be able to access the page from this link.
  • (#2836 - Fixed in v16.4.6630.11219) Not all names are being returned on the Search Results page. 
  • (#2839 - Fixed in v16.4.6630.11219) Unable to edit a precision Flex Field.
  • (#2841 - Fixed in v16.4.6630.11219) Editors can't update in the Edit Financial Documents page. 
  • (#2847 - Fixed in v16.4.6654.11289) AccuApproval Pipeline by Lender Report is showing all officers as Unassigned. 
  • (#2850 - Fixed in v16.4.6630.11219) The nightly Exception Validator process isn't honoring the rule to ignore Expired Exceptions when there is a missing image causing a Missing and Expired Exception to track on the same document. 
  • (#2860 - Fixed in v16.4.6654.11289) Unable to Lock fields in the Loan Maintenance. 
  • (#2863 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) Within the Existing and Missing Document Search, you are unable to filter by Account Type. 
  • (#2870 - Fixed in v16.4.6630.11219) Editing a document record on a customer page isn't calling the Real Time Exception Validator. 
  • (#2744 - Fixed in v16.4.6630.11219) Exception Validator (console) isn't updating exceptions that aren't set properly by the Real Time Exception Validator (from ticket #2870). 
  • (#2876 - Fixed in v16.4.6630.11219) When using the Tab & Exception Manager from the Tab & Group Maintenance page, it doesn't reload the page correctly after updating. 
  • (#2877 - On Hold) Incorrect search results when typing too quickly in the search fields. 
  • (#2881 - Fixed in v16.4.6824.11977) Error in the Exception Summary dashboard panel when there is a large number of exceptions. 
  • (#2884 - Fixed in v16.4.6630.11219) Changing a document status through Tab & Exception Manager causes duplicates on customer pages. 
  • (#2885 - Fixed in v16.4.6654.11289) Error occurs in the Exception Search, Existing, Missing, Waived, & Expiring Document Search when using a Date Range. 
  • (#2899 - Fixed in v16.4.6824.11977) AccuApproval Pipeline by Lender report doesn't have hyperlinks. 
  • (#2900 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) The Duplicate Account Report is showing all accounts, not just duplicates.
  • (#2903 - Fixed in v16.4.6824.11977) The Exception Report by Customer gives incorrect loan amount in totals. 
  • (#2906 - Fixed in v16.4.6824.11977) The Move/Copy function from a duplicate customer and loan creates an incorrect hyperlink in the Upload folder. 
  • (#2908 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) The Document Scheduler isn't creating all prior years based on the Next Create Date. 
  • (#2913 - Fixed in v16.4.6824.11977) In Workflow Action Maintenance (for AccuApproval), when attempting to clone an action, the drop-down for Account Type is blank. 
  • (#2915 - Fixed in v16.4.6824.1977) Unable to Tab to the update button within the Guarantor tab. 
  • (#2939 - Fixed in v16.4.6824.11977) Duplicate Exceptions are displayed on the Exception Report by Officer (Detailed) report.
  • (#2944 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) Documents show incorrectly on the Expiring Document Search report based on default document statuses. 
  • (#2945 - Rejected) The Expiring Document report shows items that are set to 'Non Expiring'.
  • (#2946 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) The Expiring Document Search report shows items that are set to 'Non Expiring'.
  • (#2955 - Fixed in v16.4.6824.11977) The Account Status drop-down on the Search page shows Application Statuses. 
  • (#2968 - Fixed in v16.4.6824.11977) When a loan, account, or collateral record is deleted, the original scan history is not longer displaying in the Document History.  
  • (#2983 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) When using the Existing Document Search, the filter for Account Origination Date isn't working properly.
  • (#2984 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) The number of exceptions on the Exception Maintenance page shows a '-1' for all Credit/Account types. 
  • (#2986 - Fixed in v16.4.6824.11977) Image gets deleted when the 'Upload' button is selected twice in Document Edit.
  • (#2988 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) AccuApproval Pipeline Reports don't display Lender, Analyst, or Approver names.
  • (#2990 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) The option to 'Insert Before' or 'Append After' when merging documents is no longer displayed. 
  • (#2991 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) A user's browser's cache must be cleared in order to view documents that have been merged/replaced. 
  • (#2993 - Reported) Participations doesn't properly handle non-primary Cross Collaterals. 
  • (#3008 - Fixed in v16.4.6837.12057) New customers aren't imported. 
  • (#3009 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) Unable to remove a Declined Reason from an Application. 
  • (#3011 - Fixed, Pending Release) Error occurs when selecting the "Use Last Customer" option in AccuPrint.
  • (#3017 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) The Customer Summary prints out an error message.
  • (#3022 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) Error occurs when attempting to delete a Customer Type.
  • (#3023 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) The Document Scheduler fails when the Document Title is left blank.
  • (#3057 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) Using the Print Sort within the Notice Letter Generation doesn't work when sorting by Officer Name.
  • (#3061 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) Exceptions aren't clearing the the nightly Exception Validator. 
  • (#3069 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) Inactive document groups are showing in the Audit Listing. 
  • (#3071 - Reported) Can't repair documents in the View Document with Shared Files. 
  • (#3086 - Reported) Notice History Report is duplicating some records. 
  • (#3109 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) Manually adding an account isn't requiring an account number. 
  • (#3118 - Fixed, Pending Release) Document History displays comments in the QC Status column.
  • (#3125 - Fixed in v17.0.7013.13305) The Waived Document Search doesn't display the page to select a specific document. 
  • (#3130 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) The link to the Release Notes on the Admin page is incorrect. 
  • (#3132 - Fixed in v17.0.6960.12896) The Required Document Maintenance page loses page structure when zooming in or when browser window is smaller. 
  • (#3133 - Fixed, Pending Release) Collateral's status is incorrect when initially adding a new collateral manually.  It takes on the parent loan's status instead of the status manually selected. 
  • (#3142 - Fixed in v17.0.7013.13305)  Two different upload results are displayed on the Upload screen versus the Dashboard upload screen.
  1. Reported - A ticket has been entered to our development team in OnTime* but has not yet been assigned to a developer to be worked on.
  2. Pending Fix - The ticket has been assigned to a developer and is currently being worked on in the current iteration.
  3. On Hold - The ticket is not currently being worked on and is on-hold until further notice.
  4. In Testing - The developer has fixed the issue and it is being tested before release.
  5. Fixed, Pending Release - The ticket has been resolved but has not yet been put into an upgrade package for release.
  6. Fixed in v16.0.0.0 - The ticket has been resolved and is available in the upgrade indicated.

- Release Notes : 

*OnTime is an internal ticketing system that AccuSystems' development team utilizes.  You can also reference this ticket number in your Zendesk ticket if you have reported that you are experiencing one of the above issues.  

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