Known Issues in AccuAccount v17.0

Known issues reported to our development team and OnTime* ticket numbers:

  • (#3144 - Fixed, Pending Release) The Document Collapse Icon isn't displaying on the customer page 
  • (#3148 - Fixed in v17.0.7013.13305) The Document History displays an error when Non-super users view records that have an input method of 'Moved'. 
  • (#3152 - Reported) When merging a document, if 'Insert Before' isn't selected, it will automatically append the document images. 
  • (#3155 - Fixed in v17.0.7013.13305) Unable to Edit Customer and Account level comments. 
  • (#3156 - Fixed in v17.0.7013.13305) Unable to view the Guarantor tab after selecting the hyperlink from the AccuApproval Pipeline by Application Status report. 
  • (3159 - Reported) Unable to assign exceptions to different Assigned Users if they both use the same document tab to track on. 
  • (#3165 - Fixed in v17.0.7013.13305) There is no scroll option in the Exception History tab.
  • (#3166 - Fixed in v17.0.7013.13305) The Participation Notifications are only showing up when you are on the Home (Dashboard) page. 
  • (#3170 - Fixed in v17.0.7013.13305) Exception Validator is updating locked collateral statuses. 
  • (#3172 - Fixed, Pending Release) Adding an Additional Collateral to a loan set to purge, sets the new Additional Collateral to be purged. 
  • (#3174 - Reported) Within the Edit Exception Properties, the information in the Notice tab is cut off. 
  • (#3176 - Reported) Items that have an input method of accuimg are not being sent with the Participation module. 
  • (#3178 - Reported) Unable to select specific documents to include in an Audit.
  • (#3184 - Fixed in v17.0.7013.13305) Unable to Update in the Customer Maintenance page. 
  • (#3188 - Reported) Having a long Account Type name is causing an issue with selecting an account number in the Document View.
  • (#3189 - Reported) Error occurs in the Edit View Preferences if there is no Loan Status built.
  • (#3192 - Reported) When a Task Exception's reminder date is removed, the exception gets turned off with no history captured.


  1. Reported - A ticket has been entered to our development team in OnTime* but has not yet been assigned to a developer to be worked on.
  2. Pending Fix - The ticket has been assigned to a developer and is currently being worked on in the current iteration.
  3. On Hold - The ticket is not currently being worked on and is on-hold until further notice.
  4. In Testing - The developer has fixed the issue and it is being tested before release.
  5. Fixed, Pending Release - The ticket has been resolved but has not yet been put into an upgrade package for release.
  6. Fixed in v17.0.0.0 - The ticket has been resolved and is available in the upgrade indicated.

- Release Notes : 

*OnTime is an internal ticketing system that AccuSystems' development team utilizes.  You can also reference this ticket number in your Zendesk ticket if you have reported that you are experiencing one of the above issues.  

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