Documents can be scanned several different ways into AccuAccount using AccuScan (scanned images will be saved as Tiff).  

  • Can be used with Barcodes (Credit/Customer, Account/Loan, Collateral Barcode or Document Barcodes) to scan multiple documents in at one time.
  • Can be used without Barcodes to directly scan one document at a time.
  • Can only scan one loan and customer at a time.
  • Collateral must be scanned separately.
  • The user must be set up as a scanner (editor) on the domain and have document editing rights in AccuAccount.
  • Must be licensed and installed on workstation.
  • Allows for document editing (delete, rotate, insert, change order of pages and delete blank pages).
  • Depending on scanner capabilities, can scan in duplex mode, skip blank pages, auto-detect page size (letter/legal).
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