AccuScan FAQ - Troubleshooting

In this Article you will find AccuScan Frequently asked Questions and/or Troubleshooting


AccuScan will not launch

    • Verify Scan Path

32-bit machine: C:\Program Files\AccuSystems\AccuScan\AccuScan.exe

64-bit machine: C:\Program Files (x86)\AccuSystems\AccuScan\AccuScan.exe

    • Verify AccuScan will launch from the C: Drive
    • Verify you are using IE, AccuScan will not run in Citrix or Chrome
    • If you have a new scanner make sure Twain drivers have been installed and are 1.9 Twain Compliant (ISIS) or Kofax will not work)
    • Verify AccuSystem is a trusted Web site
    • Is there a pop-up blocker on
    • Check Anti Virus / IE Blocked (Bank IT to Verify)
    • Is Port #1433 being Blocked (Bank IT to Verify)

Newly Scanned image is not showing in AccuScan

  • Check scan blank page threshold, make sure there is a decimal (default is .6%)
  • Verify Twain drivers are installed (1.9 Compliant)
  • Clear the Cashe

Scanner errors

Access to the path: C\ProgramData\AccuSystems\AccuScan\configure is denied


Error writing Config File. Object reverence not set up to an instance of an object

      • Both Errors need to be verified by the Bank IT department that users have read/write permission in the following folder;  C:\ProgramData\AccuSystems\AccuScan

How can I convert a TIF document to PDF?

      1. From customers page select the Edit icon from an existing TIF document
      2. Select the Convert icon - this will convert an existing Tif document to PDF format
      3. Click the Refresh icon to Refresh the screen and view the document on the customer's page

How do I change the color setting on a Fujitsu Scanner

      1. Launch AccuScan
      2. Select Scanner from the top menu bar
      3. Select Profile
      4. Select the Current setting Drop Down and select color setting
      5. Select Close

For additional settings, Click on the Double Blue Arrows


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