Preparing barcode sheets

Barcode scanning is an effective way to scan multiple documents quickly to a Credit, Account/Loan or Collateral File. Your PC will need special Barcode fonts installed that will allow Barcode pages to be printed through Reporting Services or directly from the customer page. The Barcode cover sheet option will automatically index the documents based on the Barcode definitions within each customer Type/Loan Type.

To Add Barcodes to you own internal documents with out the added cover sheet see 'Using custom barcodes'


These Barcodes are not customer or loans specific, so they can be re-used as long as the document resides in the same type and group (AccuCapture Barcodes are Customer specific, Refer to 'AccuCapture' article for further instruction)

Print from Customer Page

There are three Print Barcode icons on the customer Page: Credit Documents / Account Documents / Collateral Documents. Each section will print Barcodes for that document that are set to Required for that specific loan type.

  1. Select the Print Barcode Icon from the selected area. Credit, Account/Loan or Collateral
  2. Select the appropriate radio button depending on whether the Barcodes will be used with AccuScan or AccuCapture, and click Select (See the AccuCapture section for further instructions AccuCapture Barcodes) The Barcodes will then be populated for Specific customer, account or collateral chosen
  3. Select File
  4. Select Print and choose the print All pages or individual page
Print from the Document edit icon
  1. From the customer page select the Edit Document Icon to the right of the document name
  2. Select the Print Document Barcode icon
  3. Select File from the top menu bar
  4. Select Print from the menu
  5. Select Printer
  6. Select Print
Print from the Document Tab
  • From the customers page select the Edit Document tab to the left of the document name
  • Select Print Single Barcode
  • Select Printer
  • Select Print
Preparing barcode documents
  1. Use a printed Barcode cover sheet for the file, choosing from the Credit, Account/Loan or Collateral Section
  2. Organize the Credit, Account/Loan or Collateral  section for the file by placing the corresponding barcode cover sheet on top of each document(s)
  3. Remove all staples, paper clips and secure any notes or other small pieses of paper to a regular size pierce of paper

You are now ready to start scanning




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