Scanning Barcoded documents

There are three Print Barcode icons on the Customer Page: Credit Documents / Account Documents / Collateral Documents. Each section will print Barcodes for document that are set to Required for the specific loan type.

  1. Organize barcode sheets and documents
  2. From customer page select the Barcode Scan icon, this is specific to each area of the customer page, ie. when barcode scanning credit documents, select the barcode scan icon under the Credit side. Same with Loan documents, select the barcode scan icon under the Account and/or Collateral
  3. accuimg will launch, scanning document using the connected desktop scanner. Make any necessary changes to each selected document such as adding, deleting or rotating pages using the Scanning or Document Editor task bar icon or using the Document Detail tab to correct any Unidentified documents
    • Warning If scan packet containing document from different sections (Credit, Account or Collateral mixed together) Scanned page(s) will show as Unidentified.  Click the Name of the document and select Document Details tab. From down down choices select the correct Document / Account / Customer to palace document. Once all required fields are selected the Red exclamation mark will no longer show in the document tab
  4. From the Document tab Select each box next to scanned document or choose 'Select All' then select the Save icon once image is saved it will gray out
  5. Select Close or X in the upper right hand corner of the accuimg window when you are finished with the document

Example of Unidentified Document:

  1. Scanning from Credit side Barcode icon; Credit documents will scan to prober tab
    • Account and Collateral documents will show as Unidentified
  2. Scanning from Account side Barcode icon; Credit and Account documents will scan to proper tab
    • Collateral documents will show as Unidentified
  3. Scanning from Collateral side Barcode icon; Credit, Account and Collateral documents will scan to prober tab

Viewing Documents

  1. From Customers page in AccuAccount
  2. Click the Refresh icon to Refresh the screen and view the documents on the customer's page. The document indicator will change from a red square to a green dot
  3. Click the icon directly to the right of the green dot to open the image (Icon will indicate the format of the document ie. Adobe, TIF, Word)
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