Using LaserPro/DepositPro Barcodes

Harland LaserPro/DepositPro is a 3rd party software. Because these barcodes are configurable, you can manually input the AccuAccount Barcode id number into their doc prep system and the document generated will include the appropriate barcode for imaging into AccuAccount.

If the LaserPro/DepositPro barcodes are turned on after the AccuAccount implementation, then the user will need to enter the AccuAccount barcode id number in the doc prep system for documents that are generated from the system. When entering the barcode id numbers in the doc prep system, the following format will need to be used *HLPXXXX*

Example: If the Barcode ID is 61, the format will be  *HLP61*

AccuSystem can provide a list of AccuAccount barcode id numbers. NOTE: LaserPro/DepositPro only allow one (1) barcode id number per document.

Each document structure will have a unique barcode id number assigned to documents. As long as the same named document resides in the same group in each type, you can select any of the barcode id numbers assigned to a document and input that number in the doc prep system and it will work for all types. For Example: Each loan type will have a Promissory Note in the structure. As long as the promissory note is in the same group any barcode id number can be used.


Barcode id number will need to be entered in the doc prep system, and the LaserPro/DepositPro id number will need to be input into AccuAccount as alternate barcodes

      1. Select Admin (must be an Admin user)
      2. In the Document Maintenance group Select Tab and Group Maintenance
      3. Click on the Group tab where you document is located at in your system. (Determine what type of document you will enter the Barcode ID number for. You can choose Credit Groups, Loan Groups, Deposit Groups or Trust Groups)
      4. Click the Group Name (displayed to the left) this will display the documents that are tied to that group
      5. Click the Edit Icon next to the document tab name
      6. Select the Scan Settings Tab
      7. In the Scan Setting section, you can enter your 3rd party Barcode IDs in the Add Additional Barcode Mappings Section
      8. Click Update


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