How to Add alternate Barcode IDs to AccuAccount

When using a 3rd Party Barcode, you will need to enter their document Barcode ID number in AccuAccount. Please contact AccuSystem Support, as you will need to have a Regular Expression that is installed on the bank's server.

  Contact AccuSystem Support at (719)583-8004 ext. 2 or via email at

The Regular Expression allows the software to read the string of information that is included in the barcode and can place the image in the correct document tab location of the customers page in AccuAccount.

  1. Select Admin (must be an Admin user)
  2. In the Document Maintenance group Select Tab and Group Maintenance
  3. Click on the Group tab where your document is located at in you system. (Determine what type of document you will enter the Barcode ID number for. You can choose Credit Groups, Loan Groups, Deposit Groups or Trust Groups
  4. Click the Group Name (displayed to the left) this will display the documents that are tied to that group
  5. Click the Edit icon next to the Document tab name
  6. Select the Scan Settings Tab
  7. In the Scan Setting section, you can enter you 3rd party Barcode IDs in the Add Additional Barcode Mapping Section
  8. Click Update


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