Using Custom Barcodes

AccuAccount has the ability to read 3rd party barcodes by using a Regular Expression that is installed on the bank's server. The Regular Expression allows the software to read the string of information that is included in the barcode and can place the image in the correct document tab location on the customers page in AccuAccount.


Using Custom Barcodes


Make sure PC has Free 3 of 9 Font installed, Barcodes will print in alphanumeric letters. (If a special Barcode Font Free 3 of 9 has not been installed, download to PC. This can be found on the internet or Contact AccuSystem Support)


Finding Barcode IDs in AccuAccount for Internal Documents

Barcodes can be added to any internal document, including Word or Excel documents

Start by obtaining the Barcode ID from AccuAccount

  1. Select the Admin tab (must be an Admin user)
  2. Select Required Document Maintenance
  3. Select the Single Edit icon on the customer or account type that contains the document you are looking for
  4. Find the document tab you would like to map the document to and obtain the Barcode ID associated with that document (Barcode ID is located on the far right column of page)


There will be different Barcode IDs for the document, when it resides in more that one customer or account type; However any One of the Barcode IDs can be used and it will work for all types


Adding the Barcode ID to the Document

The Barcode can be placed at the top or bottom of the first page of the document. Subsequent pages do not need to Barcodes

  1. Select the document barcode that is to be added
  2. Using your mouse select the area which to add the Barcode
  3. Type the Barcode ID on the document using the following format: Starting with an asterisk, followed by the Barcode ID ending with an asterisk
    • Example:  If the Barcode ID is 61, format will be   *HLP61*
  4. After entering the Barcode ID, highlight the text and change the font to 'Free 3 of 9' which will then display the Barcode. Set the font sixe large enough so ti will be readable (size can be adjusted as necessary)
  5. Test the document to make sure it is mapped to the correct document in AccuAccount and the system is able to read the Barcode
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