accuimg FAQ - Troubleshooting

In this Article you will find accuimg Frequently asked Questions and/or Troubleshooting


 Can I scan in PDF?

  • Yes, you now have the option to scan in PDF or TIF

Can you edit a PDF document?

  • Yes, you can add additional pages, cut, copy etc. to an existing PDF

Do you have to convert all images to PDF prior to using accuimg?

  • No, going day forward you can select to scan PDF or TIF

Do you have to purchase a separate license for barcodes?

  • No, there no longer a Standard or Pro license with accuimg. All licenses will include barcode scanning

Can you scan barcodes in color?

  • Yes, you can scan barcodes in color, you are no longer limited to Black and White

Can I email existing documents?

  • Yes, from the customers page select the Edit Icon from an exiting document > select the Scan icon > Select the Email active document icon. An email will automatically generate with active document attached. Note: The format in which the document is sent, is based on the setting menu in accuimg.

How do I remove blank pages automatically while scanning?

      1. Launch accuimg
      2. Select Settings from the left hand menu
      3. Under Scan Settings make sure the Box is checked to Enable blank page detection
      4. Select Apply, a window will automatically populate stating "The new settings will take effect immediately"
      5. Select OK

Why can't I change my scan setting from within accuimg?

From the Settings tab in Accuimg, click the Scanner Settings link. Once the scanner driver settings screen opens, you may notice that some settings may not be supported through this feature. If the scanner driver settings does not open, your scanner may not be supported through this feature and you will need to access the driver settings on your local PC.


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