Must be a Super User to set up PDF Module

PDF Module Settings

  1. Launch AccuAccount
  2. Select the Admin tab
  3. Select PDF Document Module
  4. The Dashboard page automatically display information about the conversion progress including and Estimated Completion Date, Number of Document by File Type, a Conversion History graph, etc.
  5. Select the Settings tab
    • Is Active - This box must be selected in order in enable the services
    • Run on the following days - Specify the days of the week the service is allowed to run.
    • Run for specific period - Specify whether the service should run continuously or limit it to run during a specified time. By selecting ‘No,’ the service will continuously. By selecting ‘Yes,’ the service will run on the days specified and a Start and End Time field will be displayed. 

      The schedule is limited to run within the same day so it cannot pass through 12:00 AM. Examples of schedules would be 5:15 PM – 12:00PM or 1:00 AM – 7:00 AM.

    • Features - Select which features you would like to run with the conversion.  If more than one is selected, it will fully complete the first feature selected before starting the next. Document Tabs need to be set up for the Automatic Page Recognition and Searchable features within the Tab and Group Maintenance. 
      • Convert TIF Documents – Converts any TIF documents to a PDF document.
      • Automatic Page Recognition – Updates PDF documents to be bookmarked based on the patterns created within the ‘Automatic Page Recognition’ tab.
      • Searchable PDF Documents – Updates PDF documents to make the text searchable.
    • Backup Existing Files – Specify if the service should retain a backup of the original TIF files before converting them to PDF.  By selecting ‘Yes,’ a Backup Directory field will populate.
    • Backup Directory – This specifies the location where the backups of the original TIF documents will be stored. 

      This location needs to have enough storage to accommodate 1.5-2x your current scanned image folder (AccuSystems\Scanned Images\AccuLoan).  There also needs to be sufficient permissions to write to this folder or the process will fail.  It’s recommended to run a test for a 15 minute interval after setup to ensure permissions are correct.

  6. After making changes within the Settings tab, Select Save and the Changes will take effect immediately

AccuAccount’s performance will be slower if the conversion is running due to the resources being utilized on the server.  It is recommended to run the service in the evening, early morning, or on the weekend when AccuAccount isn’t in use.


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