Getting Started

In this article learn HOW TO:

  • Conversion progress on the Dashboard
  • Set Documents for Bookmarking (Automatic page Recognition)
  • Conversion Failures and History



The Dashboard tab will display information about the conversion progress.

  • Estimated Completion Date - Time from statistics based on past performance
  • Documents - Number of documents by file type
  • Conversion History - 7-Day historical graph of the documents converted to PDF
  • Work Completed - Total work performed in relation to current number of documents
  • Most Work by Customer Type - Count of TIF documents by customer type
  • Most Work by Account Type - Count of TIF documents by account type

Setting Documents for Bookmarking (Automatic Page Recognition) and Searchable Features

Setting up Document Tabs

Document Tabs must have the Bookmarking and Searchable PDF features enabled in order for the Automatic Page Recognition and Searchable features to work from the Conversion Service.  This is done in a mass way through the Tab and Group Maintenance administrative page.

  • Select the Admin Tab in AccuAccount
  • Select Tab and Group Maintenance
  • Navigate to the Document Tab that needs to have the Bookmarking and/or Searchable features enabled and Select the Edit icon next to the Tab Name
  • Select the checkbox for Enable Bookmarking PDF Documents (Automatic Page Recognition) and/or Enable Searchable PDF Documents and Update.  Any Document Tabs with the features enabled will be modified by the Conversion Service once it runs.
  • Once these features are enabled through the Tab and Group Maintenance, there will be an option to schedule priority Bookmarking and/or Indexing per document on the Customer Page.  Select the Edit icon for the document that the features need to be modified for.
  • Select/Deselect the checkbox for ‘Schedule for Bookmarking’ (Automatic Page Recognition) and/or ‘Schedule for Indexing’ (Searchable) and Update.  Any Documents on the customer page with these boxes checked will have first priority in being modified by the Conversion Service once it runs.

Bookmarking (Auto Page Recognition)

The Automatic Page Recognition tab allows patterns to be defined for the Page Recognition/Bookmarking feature.  When the PDF Document Module is installed, it contains some commonly used documents that are already defined, such as Income Tax Schedules.  These documents will have bookmarking for any pages that are recognized when viewing the document image from a customer’s page.  Document Tabs need to be set up for the Automatic Page Recognition features within the Tab and Group Maintenance.

Add Page Definition

Additional documents can be defined for the Automatic Page Recognition

  • Launch AccuAccount
  • Select the Admin tab
  • Select PDF Document Module
  • Select Automatic Page Recognition tab
  • Selecting Add Page Definition 
  • Define the Name of the document or page within a document
  • Add a Threshold that optional patterns will need to match (in the next step). 
  • When initially building the pattern, leave the ‘Enabled’ box unchecked until the patterns have successfully passed testing.
  • Select Add
  • Select the new page definition that has been created on the left
  • Select Create Pattern. Patterns can be defined as Required, Option or Excluded. In most cases, more than one pattern will need to be defined for a document for it to be properly recognized
    • Use Required if the page will always contain text that matches the specified pattern.
    • Use Optional if the page may or may not contain text that matches the specified pattern, or if the test is small are hard to identify (such as differentiating between the letter O and the number 0).
    • Use Excluded if the page will never contain text that matches the specified pattern.
      • You may use normal test such as letters, numbers and words, and you may also use regular expressions.

      These patterns utilize regular expressions, which is a special text string for describing a search pattern. You can utilize the following link as a guide to building regular expressions:   Microsoft Regular Expression - Quick Reference

  • Once all of the patterns have been defined, Select Run Test to ensure the definitions are being recognized as desired.
    • Browse to a PDF document to test against and then Select Test. Running the test will run ever Page Definition that has been built against the document selected
  • Once the test is successful, Select Edit and Enable the Automatic Recognition for the document. The Page Recognition/Bookmarking will be added for the documents defined once the Conversion Service runs.

See the following article for examples

Bookmarking (Auto Page Recognition) Pattern Examples 

When the PDF Document Module is installed, it contains some commonly used documents, such as the following:

Form 1040 - U.S. Individual Income Tax Return

  • Required:  (Form.*1.*(0|O)4(0|O)|Form 1(0|O)4(0|O)|1(0|O)4(0|O))
  • Required:  [\w\.]{2,4}\s*\w{10}\s*\w{6}\s*\w{3}\s*\w{6}
  • Optional:   Adjusted.*Gross.*Income
  • Optional:   Cat\..*(\d.*|N(0|o)\.).*1132(0|o)(B|8)
  • Optional:   Filing.*Status
  • Optional:   U.*S.*Individual.*Income.*Tax.*Return
  • Excluded:  (Form.*1.*(0|O)4(0|O)(X|A|ES)|Form 1(0|O)4(0|O)X|1(0|O)4(0|O)(X|A|ES))

Schedule A - Itemized Deductions

  • Required:   Schedule.*A
  • Required:   Sequence.*7
  • Optional:    Cat\..*(\d.*|N(0|o)\.).*17145(C|0|O)
  • Optional:    Itemized *Deductions

Schedule C - Profit or Loss From Business

  • Required:   Schedule.*(C|0|O)
  • Optional:    Cat\..*(\d.*|N(0|o)\.).*11334P
  • Optional:    Profit.*Loss.*From.*Business
  • Optional:    Sequence.*9

Schedule E - Supplemental Income and Loss

  • Required:   Schedule.*(E|8|3)
  • Optional:    Cat\..*(\d.*|N(0|o)\.).*11344L
  • Optional:    Sequence.*13
  • Optional:    Supplementa(l|I).*Income.*Loss

Schedule K-1 - Partner's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, etc.

  • Required:   Schedule.*K.*1
  • Optional:    Cat\..*(\d.*|N(0|o)\.).*11394R
  • Optional:    Form.*1(0|O)65
  • Optional:    Partner.*Share.*Income


Conversion Failures

The Conversion Failures tab will display the first 100 documents that were not successfully converted to PDF.  These will typically need to be researched to see if the image doesn’t exist or if the image is corrupt.  Once any issues are resolved, the document can be selected and ‘Rescheduled’.  If the entire conversion failed, select the ‘Reschedule All’ option.

Conversion History

The Conversion History shows what work has been done for the PDF Conversion. The first column, Converted, will give a green indicator if the image was successfully converted or a red indicator if it was not successful. If the document was not successful, there will be a Log icon on the right which gives details on why the document was not converted.  Documents can be searched for by Date, Customer Number, Account Number, Document Group, Document Tab Name, or File Name.

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