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In this Article you will find PDF Toolkit Frequently asked Questions and/or Troubleshooting

Will it show the original QC notes that were initially done?

Yes. None of the information on the current image will be changed. It will just become a PDF rather than the TIF formatted image

Does the TIF to PDF conversion process preserve AquaForest annotations?

No. Any of the information that was annotated through Aquaforest will need to be converted in a different way.

Will the search and bookmarks do anything to our existing documents that have been uploaded into Accu prior to the conversion?

The bank can determine if they would like their current images to be bookmarked and set for text search. If the current images are already bookmarked, the conversion will not do any work with these images.

How do we determine how many documents we have?

AccuSystems has a technical document that will guide you through finding your number of documents. (Finding the count of document type TIF)

Can we set our scanners to pdf now without the AccuImage?

Currently, AccuScan does not allow PDF scanning. AccuSystems is releasing the accuimg that will allow PDF scanning. If you are using AccuCapture, your images can now be scanned PDF rather than TIF. AccuPrint also will also PDF’s now.

Will the AccuScan continue to scan files in as a TIFF?

Yes. AccuScan will continue to scan TIF. There is an option to convert the image form the PDF format to the TIF to make changes to the document through AccuScan. The option is available to convert it back to a TIF or the image will convert back when the conversion is scheduled to run on your server.

Is the conversion process 32-bit or 64-bit? Will it be able to make full use of a multi-processor system?

It is both 32- bit or 64- bit and it can use the multi-processor.

You mentioned scheduling as part of the conversion module, which is excellent; However, can we limit the amount of resources the conversion process is able to utilize?

Not at this time. That is why we have the scheduling built so you can run it around the other sever processes.

When does the OCR function run? Does that happen at conversion?

The OCR is scheduled to run after the initial TIF to PDF conversion. The bank can determine the schedule to run the conversions for bookmarking and text search after the initial TIF to PDF conversion is ran.

If conversion of an image fails, is there manual intervention that has to be done to restore that image?

Yes. If the image fails, a user will need to go in and check the error log to find the error. They can then correct the image and the conversion will run against that image again on the next scheduled conversion time. During the “fixing” of the image, it is still viewable in AccuAccount as a TIF.

If I understand this right, we could potentially convert our Tiffs to PDFs then use then make the new PDF searchable by converting the image to text?

That is correct. You will first convert the images from TIF to PDF then you can make them text searchable PDF documents.

Are you going to be able to Rotate pages, delete pages, change page order in the new PDF's and save the changes?

Yes. accuimg allows you to make changes to the PDF images without converting it back to a TIF.  If using AccuScan, it can still be used to make changes. You will convert the image back to a TIF in the document edit screen. You can then make your changes and save the document as a TIF. If needed, you can convert the image back to a PDF within the document edit screen. 

So accuimg basically replaces AccuScan going forward?

Yes. accuimg will replace AccuScan in the future.

For documents that are not convertible, will they have to be re-scanned?

No. They can stay in a TIF format going forward.

What type of rights do users have to have to convert to pdf on a document tab? Is this restricted to scanners or admins or do all editors have this function?

Any user that has editor/scan rights, and higher, can convert the image to a TIF and back to a PDF.

When we scan documents going forward will AccuAccount automatically convert the docs to PDFs if we don't use the PDF conversion toolkit to convert the existing documents?

No. With accuimg you will have the option to scan either PDF or TIF. If you would like to start scanning PDF once accuimg is released, the bank does have that ability.

Did you say that there is going to be a backup capability for the old TIFs to make sure everything is viewable with the PDFs?

Yes. There is an automatic backup of the current TIF images.

Once we are using accuimg, are the documents still editable for corrections or deletion?

Yes. accuimg will allow you to change, update, add, move PDF images and TIF images.

Is there a cost associated with enabling the option to back up docs for the conversion?


Right now with AccuPrint docs can be "printed" right into AccuAccount instead of on paper.  Is accuimg going to allow "printing" the document into accuimg as a PDF?

Yes. accuimg is going to be a combined product of AccuScan, AccuPrint and AccuSign. The bank will get the product(s) that they currently are licensed for. All the images can be put in as a PDF at that time.

Will images need to be QC'd again? 


If serious errors are discovered in OCR or bookmarks, how can QC or scanning people fix them?

The image patterns would have to be adjusted and the image would have to go back through the bookmark process.

Will bar codes and Accucapture work the same way?

Yes. You can set your AccuCapture to scan PDF if you would like.

Has anyone tested against Foxit Readers?

The images can be viewed in any PDF viewer.

Will accuimg support certificates?

It is something that AccuSystems may plan for the future of accuimg.

Will AccuDoc have these features too?

Not at this time 

Will Acrobat version 9 work with the files?


What type of accuracy have you had with your conversion to searchable PDFs?

80% + accuracy rate. This number will increase as the underlying OCR industry improves.

When the PDF conversion product is completing the OCR process on a newly converted PDF by changing it to a searchable PDF, what happens when the automated process encounters a text issue and can’t read the text?

The PDF Toolkit does not attempt to read the content generated and does not provide any mechanism to repair faulty text in a document. This also wouldn't be practical to provide a manual process to do this for thousands of documents.

Does the process have to run OCR without errors to successfully switch it to a searchable PDF or will it fail and not have recognizable text, but still convert the Tiff document to a non-searchable PDF? Or will it have partially recognized text and be partially searchable?

Converting a TIF to a PDF is not dependent at all on making it searchable. It is also unlikely for there to be an error during the searchable PDF process - it is simply an OCR and saving the document back. If that process encountered an error, you would still have your original image based PDF.

In the webinar it was said that the OCR was able to run and recognize text on 80-90% of the documents when converting to searchable PDFs, what happened to the other 10-20% of failures?

Misunderstanding. When we mentioned 80-90%, that was accuracy of the OCR, not that there were 10-20% of PDF documents where text could not be recognized. This metric would be more like an O was misidentified as a 0 (zero).

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