AccuCapture allows users to scan documents directly into AccuAccount using a network compatible, all-in-one device with scanning capabilities. AccuCapture uses a series of barcodes to direct the documents to the designated tabs on the customer page. A series of processes installed on the bank's server automatically move the documents to the proper document tabs (based on the barcode information) to the appropriate customer page, within minutes of scanning the documents.

  • Must use barcodes (User Barcode, Credit/Customer, Account or Collateral Barcode, Document Barcode)
  • Can be utilized from a workstation by using the software included with the scanner and scanning to the AccuCapture folder.
  • Installed on the server and can utilize multi-function machines by setting the path to the AccuCapture folder.
  • User access to AccuAccount is not required.
  • Scanning of images can be done by all users, without granting editing rights in system.
  • Documents go directly to their file location; requires no additional interaction unless the wrong barcodes are used.
  • Can scan multiple customers, accounts, and collateral at the same time.
  • No document editing capabilities (inserting, deleting or modifying scanned images).
  • Depending on the multi-function machine features, may not be able to duplex, auto detect page size, or detect blank pages. This would require additional editing at a later time.
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