AccuCapture Barcodes

The user will need to print the barcodes for the credit, loan, account, or collateral documents and the cover page (for each document section) which includes customer/loan/account/collateral information. 

  1. Select Customer in AccuAccount
  2. Select the Print Barcode icon from the selected area. Credit, Loan/Account or Collateral.
  3. Select the radio button next to AccuCapture
  4. Click Select
  5. The Barcodes will then be populated for the specific customer, account or collateral chosen.
  6. Right click mouse and select to Print all pages or specific pages

The first page will be the cover sheet with all pertinent customer and/or loan, account or collateral information


This cover sheet must be placed in front of all other barcodes and documents. Each section of the customer page will have a cover sheet, which must be placed in from of all other barcodes and documents for the particular section of the file.

The cover sheets ensure the documents are moved to the correct customer, loan, account or collateral by the AccuCapture processes. Users should be able to view the documents in AccuAccount within minutes. 

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