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AccuCapture Procedures

Once appropriate barcode and cover sheets have been printed take the following steps:


If you have not printed barcode sheets see previous article 'Configuration'

  1. Flip through the documents quickly to assure that there are no remaining staples, clips or preparations that need attention.
  2. Stack the barcodes with the appropriate documents. The user will need to stack them with the barcode on top of the document it pertains to. 
    • Note:  Make sure the cover sheet is the first page to be scanned.
  3. Carefully place the cover page and remaining documents on the hopper of the scanner and/or multi-function device and initiate the scanning process.
  4. Once the user completes the scanning process, they will need to wait a few minutes for the images to appear in AccuAccount (large images could take several minutes).  The user will need to click on the refresh symbol in order to view the images within AccuAccount.  If after clicking on the refresh button the icons do not change from red to green but show two light blue arrows in a circle – the documents are pending for that document type, by clicking refresh again the pending icon should turn into a green button.

The cover sheet will ensure that the documents get put into the correct customer and/or loan once the AccuCapture validator has ran. After the validator runs, the user should be able to view the document in AccuAccount.



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