AccuCapture FAQ - Troubleshooting

In this Article you will find AccuCapture Frequently asked Questions and/or Troubleshooting

What if the barcodes are showing *AS XXX* rather than the barcode font?

The computer set-up as a scan station will have special barcode fonts installed to retrieve the appropriate barcode pages for scanning.  However, if the barcodes print in alphanumeric letters then the special barcode fonts have not been installed properly or are corrupt. At this point, please contact AccuSystem Support for assistance.

What happens to my documents if the barcode can not be read?

Documents will go to the 'AccuCapture' Folder.  From the Upload folder select the Blue 'Up' arrow and select the folder labeled AccuCapture, you can then move the document to the correct customer.

What happens if AccuCapture does not appear to be working? My documents are not on the customer page or in the upload folder?

    • Review the Document History under the Reporting tab

Perform search by 'AccuCapture' user, if no user cover sheet was used

    • As an administrator you can go into the System Log Viewer to see if any errors may have occurred.
    • Verify the AccuCapture Service is running.  May need to get with your Banks IT department to verify.



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