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Create a Generic Upload Folder

Many times, clients will want to create a generic upload folder which can be used for their many users to print to. This allows the back end staff the ability to go to one upload folder, instead of many user folders and allows for a more efficient process.

This will take you through the steps to create the generic folder.


You must take all the steps outline in order for the process to work.

Creating a Generic Upload

  1. Select the Admin tab in AccuAccount
  2. Select User Maintenance, under the User/Scanning Maintenance section
  3. Select Add a new user
  4. Type in User Details, as you'd like it to be displayed (i.e. Loan Department)
  5. Select Update
  6. On the web server, navigate to the drive letter that the system is installed on
    • Navigate to AccuSystems --> Website --> AccuLoan --> Upload
  7. Select the New Folder link, and name the folder the exact name as the user you created above (Loan Department)


You will need to do these steps for every user's computer that you want to print to the generic folder. If you have 20 Lenders, you will need to go to each lender's PC and perform these steps. Once completed, not additional work is needed.


Selecting (Loan Department) Upload folder

  1. Drag and Drop or File/Print a document to AccuPrint
  2. When AccuPrint launches, Select the user's folder in the lower left hand corner
  3. From the drop down menu Select the user's folder just created (Loan Department) Click Select User
  4. You will now be returned to the AccuPrint page, where the new folder will now be selected and displayed


Selecting the (Loan Department) Upload folder in AccuAccount

Once the above steps have been completed, you will now be able to select the folder in AccuAccount, either from the 'View Uploads' dashboard panel, or from any customer's page.


Change the Output Format in AccuPrint

The Output Format can be set to TIF or PDF from the Drop Down menu in the upper left hand corner of the application. Using the File Print method will upload the document into AccuAccount in either a TIF or PDF formatting depending on the individual user's setting.

  1. Launch AccuPrint


    Right click the AccuPrint application shortcut on desktop and select Run as Administrator

  2. Click on the Drop Down menu in the upper left had corner of the application
  3. Select PDF or TIF as the Output format
  4. Select OK




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