Once AccuPrint is installed on a user's workstation, the user's upload folder must be defined. User Upload Folders are created automatically by the system upon the user's initial login to AccuAccount. If there is no upload folder available for a particular user, then user will need to log into the system to create a folder.

  1. Launch AccuPrint using either the File Print or Drop & Drag method.
    • File Print: Select the AccuSystem AccuPrinter from the list of available printers in the drop down menu
    • Drop & Drag: Click the document file and drag it over the AccuPrint icon on the desktop.
  2. Change or Select the User Upload Folder by clicking the link in the lower left-hand corner of the panel
  3. Select the proper user from the drop-down list of available User Upload Folders, click Select User to set. The application is now ready for user All AccuPrinted documents will be directed to this user's folder.


A Generic Upload folder can be created. This allows the back end staff the ability to go to one upload folder instead of many.  See the Administration article for more information.


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