AccuAccount 2017

Installation and Upgrade Questions

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General Release Service Pack 1
The following are cumulative updates currently available and are included in Service Pack 1.

Important Changes

These changes may require a decision by the bank prior to upgrading to this version.

​'Enable Advanced Settings' for Purge (Released with Update 17.0.7013.13305)
  • This feature does include a breaking change, which will reset any existing document level rules to their respective defaults. However, the option to opt back into the advanced options is available through the Administrative Control Panel.
Update 17.0.7013.13305
AccuAccount Enhancements
Document view enhanced to display an icon for Word and Excel formats.
Ability to 'Enable Advanced Settings' for Purge
  • By default, this setting will be disabled/off.  This setting disables all document level retention rules in Tab and Group Maintenance and Required Document Maintenance, thus making the purge options only available within the Customer Type and Account Type Maintenance.
AccuAccount Known Issue Resolution
Bug# 3125
Ability to Select a Document (Step 2) Missing from the Waived Document Search
Enhanced the Waived Document Search to allow the option to select a specific document.
Bug# 3142
Document Upload Details is Inconsistent when there are Duplicate Account Numbers
Made a change to ensure the document upload details is consistent and displays correctly in the upload views and folders.
Bug# 3148
Document History Error for Non-Super Users
Resolved the issue causing the error.
Bug# 3155
Unable to Edit Comments at the Credit and/or Account Level
Made a change to ensure comments can be modified by the user whom initially created the comment.
Bug# 3165
Exception History Tab Missing Scroll Bar
Made a change to ensure the user can scroll and view the entire history.
Bug# 3182
Quick Search is Freezing up the System
Made a change to ensure the system returns results when using the Quick Search by account number.
Bug# 3184
Unable to Update the Customer Maintenance Page
Made a change to ensure the edit function on the Customer Maintenance page is fully functional.
Exception Validator Known Issue Resolution
Bug# 3170
Exception Validator is Updating Locked Collateral Statuses
Made a change to the nightly process to ensure that locked collateral statuses will not be synced to the parent status.
Report Known Issue Resolution
Bug# 3156
Issue with the Additional Guarantor Tab after selecting the Hyperlink from within the AccuApproval Pipeline Application Status
Made a change to ensure that when clicking the hyperlink for the application number in the report the user is able to view the additional guarantor tab.
Update 17.0.7016.13332
AccuAccount Known Issue Resolution
Bug# 3185
Error when Entering Non-Decimal Characters within the Loan Amount Field
Made a change to ensure the loan amount field has validation to only allow numerical values.
Bug# 3194
Slowness when Loading the Customer Page
Made a change to resolve the performance issue.
Update 17.1.7047.13488
AccuAccount Known Issue Resolution
Bug# 3140
Issue Merging Non-Standard Size PDF Files
Made a change to resolve the issue.
Bug# 3176
Issue with Documents being Transferred via Participation if Input by accuimg
Made  a change to ensure the participation process reviews/transfers images that are input via accuimg.
Bug# 3188
Issue with Long Account Type Names within the Document View
Made a change to ensure the document view displays the account types properly.
Bug# 3189
Error within Edit View Preferences if there in No Loan Status within AccuAccount
Made a change to resolve the error.
Bug# 3192
Task Exceptions not Logging a History when Reminder Date is Removed
Made a change to ensure a log is generated within the History tab when a task exception reminder date is removed.
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