In this article are the Requirements for the Participation module

IIS Configurations
  1. HTTP Runtime
    • The maxRequestLength should be set to 2097151
  2. ServerRuntime
    • The uploadReadAheadSize should be set to 2147483647
  3. Request Filtering
    • The maxAllowedContentLength should be set to 2073741824
SMTP Configurations

The SMTP Configuration is an essential part of using the Email Push Type and is configured within a new configuration page specifically created during the development of participation loans.

  1. Select the Admin Tab in AccuAccount
  2. Select SMTP Settings
  3. The following Properties need to be configured:
    • SMTP Server: The IP address or the DNS of the initial SMTP host server, e.g.
    • Delivery Method:
      • Network: Email is sent through the network to an SMTP server
      • Pickup Directory from IIS: Email is copied to the pickup directory used by a local internet information services (IIS) for delivery.
      • Specified Pickup Directory: Email is copied to the directory specified by the Pickup Directory property for delivery by an external application.
    • Pickup Directory: Directory where applications save mail messages to be processed by the local SMTP server.
    • SMTP Port: The port number is for relaying outbound mail to the initial SMTP host server. 


      Normally when configuring email notifications with encryption for Office365, the recommended Port Number is 587. Unfortunately, at this time that port uses newer technologies (TSL) for encryption than the classic ASP pages (specifically the CDO object for sending emails) can handle at this time. If using Office365, you must use Port 25 (SSL) for emails to be sent properly. As we migrate the application over to ASP.Net this limitation will be removed.

    • SMTP Sender: The email address that will be used as the sender of messages sent by the SMTP client.
    • Use SSL: Value indicating whether SSL shall be used when sending mail.


      The common name needs to match the server name; this is a limitation of the certificate.

    • Use Default Credentials: Value indicating whether to use default credentials (Windows Authentication), or to use the values of SMTP User Name and SMTP Password.
    • SMTP User Name: SMTP User name for authentication.
    • SMTP Password: SMTP password for authentication.
  4. Select Update

Once the SMTP settings have ben configured, you can use the "Send Test Email: button to ensure that the configuration works correctly. Upon success, you will receive an email from AccuAccount notifying you of the successful SMTP test.

Do you want to use SSL?

You will need to ensure the following has been completed:

  1. Make sure the SSL Certificate installed.
  2. Make sure you certificate name matches the server name.
  3. Make sure the uploadReadAheadSize should is set to 2147483647 in IIS.

Supported FTP Software the Participation Transfer Method

AccuSystems Certifies the following FTP software with the various configurations: 

Active FTP
Passive FTP
Active FTPS 
(FTP over SSL/TLS)
Passive FTPS
(FTP over SSL/TLS)
Egnyte X X X X
FileZilla X X X X
CrushFTP X X X X
Cerberus X X X X


The participations module is designed to work with any FTP software; however, any software not listed in this table will need to be fully tested and certified.  

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