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17.1.7072 / 7074.13609 17.1.7104.13873
AccuAccount Enhancements
Added support for 64-bit web applications, which unlocks additional memory.
  • Click here for steps on how to enable 64-bit support.
AccuAccount Known Issue Resolution
Bug# 3232
GdPicture Errors when Merging or Converting Documents
Added a license check verification to the imaging module to ensure that if the RegistryKEY of GdPicture fails, the imaging module will also fail and log the error message within the System Log Viewer for troubleshooting.
Bug# 3234
Error when Converting an Application to a Booked Loan with Additional Borrower Exists on Both
Resolved the issue causing the error.
Bug# 3237
Image Quality Issue with Two Merged Documents Printed from AccuPrint
Made a change resolve the issue.
Bug# 3238
Error when Merging Password Protected PDF Files
Reported errors are expected; however, errors now provided are less technical. We will not be supporting this feature due to the complexity of asking for a password for each potential file being merged.
Bug# 3252
In System Settings, the accuimg Section Doesn't Display Unless Current User is Set Up to Use accuimg
Made a change to ensure the accuimg section always displays.
Bug# 3257
accuimg Error when Scanning to a Loan Previously Converted from an Application
Made a change to ensure a default value for loan classification is set when converting an application to a booked loan, as accuimg does a validation check for the classification field. By default, it will use the first classification in the list.
Bug# 3258
Issue with AccuAccount Locking Up when Performing a Search
Optimized performance related to slowness caused by specific search criteria.
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