accuimg 1.0

Installation and Upgrade Questions

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General Release Service Pack 1
The following are cumulative updates currently available and are included in Service Pack 1.
accuimg Enhancements
E-Signature Integrated into accuimg
Support for Password Protected PDF Documents
Ability to Configure the following Scanner Settings:
  • Enable or Disable Simplex/Duplex Mode (Disabled by default which will scan in Simplex Mode)
  • Change the Scanning DPI (Default is 300 DPI)
  • Change the Color Format; Color, Black & White (Default) or Grayscale
  • Select either a Document Feeder or Flatbed Input Source
Added the 'Save All' Feature
accuimg Known Issue Resolution
Bug# 3064
Issue when Browsing for a Document
Resolved the issue causing the program to freeze when browsing for a document using the features in the 'Open' menu option.
Bug# 3149
Error when Closing accuimg
Resolved the issue causing the error.
Bug# 3154
Issue with the Page Resolution for Images converted from TIF to PDF
Made a change to ensure all images are consistent with the correct resolution when converting from TIF to PDF.
Bug# 3168
Scanning to an Existing Document Created a 2nd Image and Folder within the Scanned Images Folder
Made a change to ensure that when a customer and/or account type change gets made, any addtional pages scanned to an existing folder do not create a duplicate image/scanned image folder.
Bug# 3196
Issue with Saving All Documents at Once
Made a change to ensure this function works properly.
Bug# 3214
Not Displaying Document Thumbnails for Unidentified Barcoded Documents
Made a change to ensure the document displays as Barcoded Document (Unidentified) when there is an issue identifying the barcode.
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