AccuApproval allows your institution to begin creating files and imaging documents at the beginning of the application process, not after the loan is fully booked.  Your institution continues to use its own application(s), credit analysis or underwriting software, and the documentation provider(s) of your choice. By managing the documents and workflows associated with the application process, AccuApproval provides up to the minute loan status information, allows documents to be viewed by all parties instantly and simultaneously, and routes the loan application electronically through the processes and workflows defined by your institution.

File continuity and conformity is enforced from the time of application.  When adding an application through AccuApproval, your lending staff can immediately see what documents are required and what documents have been received, allowing them to make sure the file is fully documented.

As the application is routed through the various workflows, users and statuses are automatically updated.  Emails are automatically sent to the next department or person involved in the workflow process, providing immediate notification.  Timers can be started and stopped at various points.  Pipeline reports are available to track all applications at your institution.

  • Assigns an application number that will appear in reports
  • Allow users to “Take Action”, Routing the application through various Workflows
  • Creates a history of the application from inception
  • Times various aspects of the application process
  • Tracks the current assigned lender, analyst and approver
  • Creates the initial status for: application, credit analysis and approval
  • Builds an application header to capture information needed for pipeline reporting
  • Creates required documents, to include your application


 For more Information

Please contact AccuSystem Sales at (719) 583-8004 ext. 1 or via email at sales@accusystem.net

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