AccuApproval FAQ - Troubleshooting


In this Article you will find AccuApproval Frequently asked Questions and/or Troubleshooting


Why don't I have the option of deleting a Timer, Status or Decline reason ?

You will not have the option of deleting if you have a Application tied to it.

Why cant I take an action ?

Verify the following:

    • The application may not be assigned to you
    • User may not have permissions
    • Status conditions have not been met

What is a Loan Delegate ?

Delegate - Can take any actions as the assigned Lender can take.

Why are my task exceptions not tracking ?

Applications are set to ignore by default so they don't track. An admin can change the settings. However Tasks will show on the home page Dashboard.

Can a Denied Application be reverted ?

Yes - a Denied application can be reverted back to an application status.

What is the difference between an Approver, Analyst and Lender ?

  • Approver - Has authority to Approve a loan/application.
  • Analyst - Involved in the underwriting or credit analysis process.
  • Lender - Person or Group assigned to take action on the application. Can include doc prep, booking, ordering flood, etc.

What is the difference between Loan officer and Lender on application ?

  • Loan Officer - Takes the application and is responsible for the credit. Is the origination officer and never changes through the workflow process.
  • Lender - Person or Group assigned to take action on the application. Can include doc prep, booking, ordering flood, etc.

Can I list more than one Denial reason ?

Currently you can only select one reason. However you can list other reasons in the comment section.

Why did my renewal loan create a duplicate loan with no images?

Once an active loan is changed back to an application status, the nightly process data is still looking for the current loan and will create a duplicate account.

When selecting business day vs. calendar day on Timers, will it count Saturday?

No - when selecting business day for Timers it will not count Saturday.


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