Known Issues in AccuDoc v3.0.9 to v3.0.19

Known issues reported to our development team and OnTime* ticket numbers:

  • (#358 - Fixed in v4.0.0)  An error occurs when deleting an Export.
  • (#360 - Fixed in v4.0.0) The Report on Administrative Maintenance is now showing all information.
  • (#361 - Fixed in v4.0.1) Exports are not being deleted from the server when the export is deleted through the AccuDoc site.
  • (#584 - Fixed in v4.0.0) An error occurs when the 'Unique Type Name' field begins with a number.
  • (#586 - Fixed in v4.0.0) Unable to edit a user profile before selecting a system.
  • (#588 - Fixed in v4.0.0) Additional Borrowers (in the Deposits module) do not show on the customer's page until the Manage Additional Signers link is selected. 
  • (#589 - Fixed in v4.0.0) After editing record information, the child record disappears (for 2 level systems).
  • (#933 (#952)- Fixed in v3.0.13) The Update Only button from Scan New Document still tries to launch AccuScan.
  • (#1258) - Fixed in v3.0.10) When you search by currency in the AP module, and error occurs.
  • (#1313 - Fixed in v3.0.13) Once you add a new record, you cannot use the Return to Record View link; it takes you to a previously viewed record.
  • (#1314 - Fixed in v3.0.12) Within the Document Definition Maintenance, the Cancel button is missing.
  • (#1359 - Fixed in v3.0.10) An error occurs when uploading.
  • (#1375 - Fixed in v3.0.10)  AccuDoc purge function.
  • (#1415 - Fixed in v3.0.12) An error occurs when clicking on Cancel from the Field Definition Maintenance.
  • (#1417 - Fixed in v3.0.10) When creating a new record, an error occurs.
  • (#1571 - Fixed in v3.0.12) When a record definition has the field name of 'Open' it causes an error.
  • (#1594 - Fixed in v4.0.0) When fields are set to not searchable, they don't show in the Search Results or on the record page.
  • (#1607 - Fixed in v3.0.13) When cloning a user, an error occurs.
  • (#1639 - Fixed in v3.0.13) An error occurs when uploading a document that has an apostrophe in the name.
  • (#1668 - Fixed in v3.0.13) When clicking on 'Return to Record View' after initialing adding a record, an error occurs.
  • (#1694 - Fixed in v3.0.13) When trying to delete a user, there is a confirmation that the user was deleted but they don't truly get deleted.
  • (#1764 - Fixed in v3.0.13) An error occurs when trying to edit a user before selecting a system.
  • (#1984 - Fixed in v4.0.1) When using the Visibility Rules, a Document Tab can only be used within one rule.
  • (#2092 - Rejected, handled in duplicate ticket #1650) When searching on the document that needs to be purged, there is no information on what is going to be purged.
  • (#2214 - Fixed in v4.0.0) Defaults in Choice Definitions don't function properly within the Multi-Field Definitions.
  • (#2367 - Fixed in v4.0.0) Error occurs when exporting a module.
  • (#2513 - Fixed in v3.0.15) The menu drop-downs are jumbled and unreadable - Compatibility Mode issue.
  • (#2529 - Fixed in v3.0.16) Unable to approve Invoices in the AP module - Compatibility Mode issue.
  • (#2539 - Fixed in v4.0.0) Error occurs when selecting the arrow next to Add Child Record in the Record Definition Maintenance.
  • (#2617 - Fixed in v4.0.0) The Visibility Rules aren't being honored.
  • (#2659 - Fixed in v4.0.1) Report error on 'Bank Contracts by Department' for the Vendor Contracts module.
  • (#2697 - Fixed in v3.0.19) Record page is distorted when IE is not in Compatibility Mode.

Workflow Steps:

  1. Reported - A ticket has been entered to our development team in OnTime* but has not yet been assigned to a developer to be worked on.
  2. Pending Fix - The ticket has been assigned to a developer and is currently being worked on.
  3. On Hold - The ticket is not currently being worked on and is on-hold until further notice.
  4. In Testing - The developer has fixed the issue and it is being tested before release.
  5. Fixed, Pending Release - The ticket has been resolved but has not yet been put into an upgrade package.
  6. Fixed in v13.0.0.0 - The ticket has been resolved and is available in the upgrade indicated.

- Release Notes :  

*OnTime is an internal ticketing system that AccuSystems' development team utilizes.  You can also reference this ticket number in your Zendesk ticket if you have reported that you are experiencing one of the above issues.  

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