Known Issues in AccuAccount v15.0.5560 - v15.0.5660

Known issues reported to our development team and OnTime* ticket numbers:

  • (#1871 - Fixed in v15.1) Error when deleting a customer. 
  • (#1873 - Fixed in v15.0.5606) Search fields don't auto populate data.
  • (#1891 - Fixed in v15.1) Items that are not Covenants are showing as Covenants. 
  • (#1892 - Fixed in v15.1) Covenants show in the Customer Flex Field options.
  • (#1900 - On Hold) Adding a comment to a Pending Task Exception resolves the exception.
  • (#1904 - Fixed in v15.0) Error occurs in the Exception Tab on a Customer's page when there are no Covenants built.
  • (#1914 - Fixed in v15.1) The View Scan History doesn't display an option to search by Account Balance.
  • (#1915 - Fixed in v15.1) The Calendar icon doesn't display next to all of the date fields on the Account Maintenance page.
  • (#1916 - Fixed in v15.1) Converting an Application with a blank document title causes an error.
  • (#1918 - Fixed in v15.1) The Account Type Maintenance page isn't displaying a scroll down bar.
  • (#1922 - Fixed in v15.1) The Document View History is displaying as a search option on the View Scan History search page.
  • (#1925 - Fixed in v15.1The Active Exception Summary dashboard isn't displaying any data.
  • (#1927 - Fixed in v15.1When initially setting up the Active Tasks dashboard, there are no results. 
  • (#1929 - Fixed in v15.1) The inactive Flex Fields/Covenants are showing as Active on the customer page. 
  • (#1936 - Fixed in v15.1) The Flex Field Maintenance page isn't displaying the fields' status correctly.
  • (#1937 - Fixed in v15.1) An error occurs when taking an action on an Application if a Task Group is not assigned.
  • (#1942 - Fixed in v15.1) An error occurs when updating user permissions.
  • (#1945 - Fixed in v15.1) Notice Letters intermittently pull the wrong expiration date if there are multiple documents within the document tab.
  • (#1948 - Fixed in v15.1) In the View Scan History, the Input method drop-down is not displaying.
  • (#1965 - Fixed in v15.1) Document View Tracking isn't function on the Account/Loan sections.
  • (#1967 - Fixed in v15.1Search page Auto-Populate isn't functioning properly
  • (#1972 - Fixed in v15.1) When opening the Edit Dashboard Preferences, the display box is small.
  • (#2002 - Fixed in v15.1) Analysis Status changes with editing an application and updating the lender if the user is not an administrator.
  • (#2003 - Fixed in v15.1) Collateral images for Employee customers are not visible for users without Access to Employee Files.
  • (#2008 - Fixed in v15.1) Documents set to 'Non Expiring' and an expiration date of 12/31/2099 don't show Non Expiring on the customer page. 

Workflow Steps:

  1. Reported - A ticket has been entered to our development team in OnTime* but has not yet been assigned to a developer to be worked on.
  2. Pending Fix - The ticket has been assigned to a developer and is currently being worked on.
  3. On Hold - The ticket is not currently being worked on and is on-hold until further notice.
  4. In Testing - The developer has fixed the issue and it is being tested before release.
  5. Fixed, Pending Release - The ticket has been resolved but has not yet been put into an upgrade package.
  6. Fixed in v13.0.0.0 - The ticket has been resolved and is available in the upgrade indicated.

- Release Notes : 

*OnTime is an internal ticketing system that AccuSystems' development team utilizes.  You can also reference this ticket number in your Zendesk ticket if you have reported that you are experiencing one of the above issues.  

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