Known Issues in AccuAccount v2016.1

Known issues reported to our development team and OnTime* ticket numbers:

  • (#2465 - Fixed in v16.2.6350.9787) Unable to filter by Branch on search pages. 
  • (#2490 - Fixed in v16.2.6270.9370) AccuCapture isn't picking up documents scanned into nested folders within the AcculoanAccuCapture folder on the server.
  • (#2491 - Fixed in v16.1.6080.9012) Admin users have access to Bank Maintenance.  This should be a Super User function only.
  • (#2493 - Fixed in v16.2.6350.9787) Users without Read permissions to 'Loan Applications' cannot search for customers that don't have a primary account.
  • (#2500 - Fixed in v16.1.6080.9012) Users are able to view credit documents for Employees through the View Scan History. 
  • (#2501 - Fixed in v16.3.6449.10254) AccuApproval Pipeline by Application Status doesn't have the correct filters. 
  • (#2504 - Fixed in v16.1.6080.9012) When creating a Covenant as Inactive, it still shows as Active on the customer page.
  • (#2506 - Fixed in v16.1.6080.9012) When using additional Search pages (Missing, Existing, Expired Documents and Exceptions), after selecting Accounts/Collaterals, the page is distorted.
  • (#2528 - Fixed in v16.2.6270.9370) Unable to lock Branch at account level.
  • (#2536 - Fixed in v16.2.6270.9370Auto-fill on search fields doesn't show application numbers. The application's collaterals will display in the auto-fill.
  • (#2537 - Fixed in v16.1.6080.9012) When barcode scanning to a loan that has images from a guarantor's page, the original images are replaced instead of appended to. 
  • (#2538 - Fixed in v16.2.6306.6543) The 'Check All' option for selecting all users or exceptions within the 'Exception Search' doesn't select all of the boxes. 
  • (#2541 - Fixed in v16.2.6270.9370Records remain the in database within the DocumentUpload table after images have been moved out of the Upload folders.  This is causing the table to become large and slows down any pages within AccuAccount that shows uploads (Home -Dashboard Panel for Uploads, the Customer Page, & Upload Functions).
  • (#2549 - Fixed in v16.2.6270.9370) The link to the Cross Collateral reports is broken.
  • (#2553 - Fixed in v16.2.6350.9787) The scroll bar is missing in the Existing Document Search for Credit. 
  • (#2554 - Fixed in v16.2.6270.9370) Missing QC Button with the View Scan History for deleted records. 
  • (#2568 - Fixed in v16.2.6270.9370) Exception Validator taking a long time to run.
  • (#2572 - Fixed in v16.2.6306.6543) Multiple Documents don't always show the Collapse/Expand Icon. 
  • (#2578 - Fixed in v16.2.6306.6543) Unable to sort by Account Number on the customer page in the Complete View Layout.
  • (#2583 - Fixed in v16.2.6306.6543) Unable to Edit a Policy Exception.
  • (#2593 - Fixed in v16.2.6306.6543) Complete Layout view (with the Edit View Preferences) does not display when only one account exists. 
  • (#2595 - Fixed in v16.2.6306.6543) Error when adding a new collateral Flex Field. 

Workflow Steps:

  1. Reported - A ticket has been entered to our development team in OnTime* but has not yet been assigned to a developer to be worked on.
  2. Pending Fix - The ticket has been assigned to a developer and is currently being worked on in the current iteration.
  3. On Hold - The ticket is not currently being worked on and is on-hold until further notice.
  4. In Testing - The developer has fixed the issue and it is being tested before release.
  5. Fixed, Pending Release - The ticket has been resolved but has not yet been put into an upgrade package for release.
  6. Fixed in v16.0.0.0 - The ticket has been resolved and is available in the upgrade indicated.

- Release Notes : 

*OnTime is an internal ticketing system that AccuSystems' development team utilizes.  You can also reference this ticket number in your Zendesk ticket if you have reported that you are experiencing one of the above issues.  

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