Known Issues in AccuAccount v2016.3

Known issues reported to our development team and OnTime* ticket numbers:

  • (#2703 - Fixed in v16.4.6563.10975) Unable to see thumbnail images in AccuScan after images have been converted through the Document Tab edit function. 
  • (#2708 - Fixed in v16.3.6474.10439) The Exception Validator is not honoring the 'Non Expiring' flag on exceptions; exceptions are still tracking.
  • (#2711 - Rejected) Error occurs sporadically when merging - "Error occurred while merging files. The number of pages merged do not match the expected page total of all documents. Merge cancelled."  The files can typically be merged the following day.
  • (#2718 - Fixed in v16.3.6494.10552) On the Search Results page, 'Contains Credit Matches Only' is displaying for every customer. 
  • (#2719 - Fixed in v16.3.6494.10552) Flex Fields aren't showing on the exported Grid View from the Search Results page.
  • (#2723 - Fixed in v16.4.6529.10718) When searching by account/loan number for an account that is duplicated under two different customers, it will take you directly to one of the customer pages instead of the Search Results page to select which account to go to. 
  • (#2725 - Fixed in v16.4.6563.10975) When documents are scanned via AccuCapture using a cross collateral's barcode that wasn't printed from the primary collateral page, the images are saved in the incorrect location. 
  • (#2730 - Fixed in v16.4.6541.10858) Flex Field drop downs don't stay selected when editing a customer or account if there are spaces in the choice list. 
  • (#2734 - Fixed in v16.3.6494.10552) Application History is logging fields that aren't changed each time 'Update' is selected on the Application Maintenance page. 
  • (#2735 - Fixed in v16.3.6494.10052) Application History logs the Loan Delegate as a 'Processor.'
  • (#2736 - Fixed in v16.4.6529.10718)  Users with permissions to edit Application but not Loans cannot update documents through Group Activation on the customer page.  The Update button doesn't display. 
  • (#2737 - Fixed in v16.4.6630.11219) Credit exceptions won't track as pending if the documents haven't been edited. 

Workflow Steps:

  1. Reported - A ticket has been entered to our development team in OnTime* but has not yet been assigned to a developer to be worked on.
  2. Pending Fix - The ticket has been assigned to a developer and is currently being worked on in the current iteration.
  3. On Hold - The ticket is not currently being worked on and is on-hold until further notice.
  4. In Testing - The developer has fixed the issue and it is being tested before release.
  5. Fixed, Pending Release - The ticket has been resolved but has not yet been put into an upgrade package for release.
  6. Fixed in v16.0.0.0 - The ticket has been resolved and is available in the upgrade indicated.

- Release Notes : 

*OnTime is an internal ticketing system that AccuSystems' development team utilizes.  You can also reference this ticket number in your Zendesk ticket if you have reported that you are experiencing one of the above issues.  

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