Exception Maintenance Overview

When the Exception Tab is selected, a list of the Missing and Expired exceptions will show. There will be an exception tab for Credit, Account/Loan, and Collateral.

Custom Exceptions can be added to the Credit, Loan or Collateral section of the file on a per customer basis if needed. These include:

  • Document Exceptions
  • Task Exceptions
  • Policy Exceptions

Document Exceptions

Document Exception is an exception that tracks on one specific document. It is created on the Customer Page and will only show and report for that one particular customer or loan/account.


Missing Document Exceptions

A Missing document exception will automatically be set when:

  • A Missing document exception has been defined for the tab at the system administrator level, and;
  • The tab does not have an image associated with it.

Grace Period days can be set to identify the missing document as "Pending"

  • Grace Days are Set at the System Administrator level.
  • Once the grace period has passed, the document will be set to excepted.

Important Note

Once a document image is associated with a document, it automatically clears the missing exception - even if it is the incorrect image. Viewing the image once it is in AccuAccount is crucial to prevent errors.


Expired Document Exceptions

An Expired Document will be set as and exception when:

  • The document is set as "Required".
  • An Expiration date has been defined on the document.
  • An Expiring exception has been defined on the tab by the System Administrator; and
  • The expiration date (plus any positive grace days) has been met or exceeded.

Expiration dates will be displayed next to the document.

  • Non Expired dates will display in Black.
  • Expired documents will display in Red.


Grace Days

Positive or Negative Grace Days can be assigned at the system administrator level, and will determine when an expired document will be reported as "Pending"

  • If no grace day is assigned, the document will be reported as expired on the expiration date.
  • Negative grace days will forecast an upcoming exception by reporting it as a "Pending" exception prior to the expiration date. This is useful when you would like to be notified in advance of an upcoming expiration date.
  • Positive grace days will track the exception as "Pending" after the expiration date until the grace period expires, at which time it becomes an actual exception.

Important Note

A configuration setting in Exception Validator will determine whether images must be present to report an Expired Document Exception.


Task Exceptions

Is a task that need to be completed for a Credit, Loan/Account, or Collateral file. It is created on the Customer page and will only show and report for that particular Customer, Loan/Account, or Collateral.


Policy Exception

When a customer or account situation falls outside of a specified policy, a policy exception can be created to track and report the exception. An institution-defined list of Policy Exceptions is built into the system. Each policy exception is considered a "Task Exception" and will be seen in the "Task" section of the Exceptions tab. Policy Exceptions are denoted with a "P".

Can be added to the Credit, Account/Loan, or Collateral page. Policies are manually built by an Administrator, refer to Policy Exception Maintenance, and can be added to a customer's file on a case-by-case basis.

Important Note

Because Policy Exceptions are considered "Task" Exceptions, the assigned user will be able to satisfy the task. If the banks does not want to allow lenders and support staff from clearing Policy Exceptions, it is important that the "Default Assigned User" be assigned accordingly. Users with Exception permission of "Editor" or "Administrator" will be allowed to clear Policy Exceptions, Regardless of the assigned user.

Exception Legend

Exception Tab Legend

When the Exception Tab is selected, a list of the Missing and Expired exceptions will show.

  • 'P' - Indicates there is a Policy Exception attached to it.
  • Red Exclamation - Indicates there is an active exception tracking for the document.
  • Yellow Exclamation - Indicates the exception is in a pending status.
  • Comment Bubble - A comment has been added. Hover over the bubble or click on it view the comment.
  • Envelope Icon - A notice is ready to be generated for this exception. A user with Administrative permissions could print the notice letter through Notice System Maintenance. 
  • Assigned User - Shows which user is assigned to each exceptions. 
  • Show All Exceptions -  Will list out all active exceptions and exceptions that have once existed and are now satisfied. To go back, click the link again, which now is titled 'Show Active Exceptions Only'.
  • Add Custom Exception - (Document or Task) Used to add an exception to a specific customer or loan. User must have permissions to edit exceptions to use these links.
  • Add Custom Policy Exception - Used to add an exception to a specific customer or loan. User must have permissions to edit exceptions to use these links.
  • Editing Exception - Used to update information within the exception. 


Exception Comments

Under the exception Comments Tab, any comments added to the exception will show, in addition to - who the comment was Added By, the Date Added, Last Modified date, and Comment detail.


Exception History

The exception History Tab shows any information about the exception being modified. This information will be attached to this exception for as long as it exists.


Dashboard Panel

The Dashboard is customizable, you can display your Active Exception Summary and/or Active Tasks.


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