Installation and Upgrade Questions

Please contact AccuSystems Support at (719) 583-8004 Ext. 2 or via email at
accuimg Enhancements
Added Support for Alternate/Custom Barcodes
accuimg Known Issue Resolution
Bug# 3229
Error Occurs Each Time accuimg is Closed
Resolved the issue causing the error.
Bug# 3244
Wording for Opening Documents using the 'Opening from AccuAccount'
Change the verbiage from Customer to Customer Number.
Bug# 3247
Error when Scanning to a Document after Converting an Application to a Booked Loan
Resolved the issue causing the error, which was caused by scanning into an empty document tab that had a mismatched document status (Existing Default Status verses New Default Status) in AccuAccount.
Bug# 3251
Error when Clicking the 'View Customer' Link in the Document Details Section when Saving
Made a change to disable the menu options while saving.
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