Nightly Processes Troubleshooting Guide

In this Article you will find Nightly Processes Frequently asked Questions and/or Troubleshooting

Nightly Processes didn't run or data didn't update in AccuAccount


Must be on the App Server for AccuAccount to Troubleshoot

Did the Schedule Task Complete?
  1. Open the Task Scheduler
  2. Select 'Task Scheduler Library'
  3. Locate the task for the AccuSystems Nightly Processes
  4. The Last Run Time should be current
  5. The Last Run Result shouldn't show any errors
    • If there is an error for an invalid login, most likely the password has changed from the user that the Task runs under. Right Click the Task and select 'Properties.' Then Select 'OK' which will prompt for the new password. Once updated, either run the Scheduled Task so that the data in AccuAccount is up to date or wait for the processes to run on the next scheduled time.
Are the Data Files that export from the Core Updated?
  • Go to D:\Accusystems\Acculoan\Datafiles
  • The Drive for AccuSystems may be different
  • If the files don't exist in that location, we may run a script to pick-up the files from a different location. The location can be found by navigating to \Accusystems\AccuLoan\Preprocessor (folder may be titled 'AccuAccountPreProcessor'), Right click on the Get Data.cmd and open with Notepad. In the file, there will be a path where the files can be accessed.
  • Check that the Data Files are up to date and are dat/time stamped prior to the time the Scheduled Task runs.
    • If the files aren't updated, please contact the responsible party for the data extracts to resolve the issue.
    • If the files are updated but have a time stamp after the Scheduled Task ran, you can manually run the Scheduled Task to update the data in AccuAccount or wait for the processes to run on the next scheduled time. If this is an ongoing issue, you may also need to see if the data files can be pushed out at an earlier time.
Are the missing Loans / Accounts associated with an unresolved MTE?
  1. Open AccuAccount
  2. Select the Admin Tab
  3. Select Multiple Tax Entities
  4. Search for the Customer's Tax ID for all Unresolved MTEs
    • If the Customer is shown as unresolved, resolve the MTE and the Customer/Account will import/update the next time the nightly processes run

Nightly Processes Troubleshooting Chart

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