How to Build, View and Delete an Audit

In this article learn HOW TO:

  • Build an Audit
  • View an Audit
  • Delete an Audit

Building an Audit

On the Audit page, existing Audits can be viewed, edited, and deleted.

  1. From AccuAccount menu, Select Audit
  2. Select Add New Audit link
  3. Define the following:
    • Audit Name: Title of Audit (Do Not include any Special Characters in the Audit Name)
    • Audit Comments: The auditors will see these comments when first viewing the Audit
    • Bank: Defaults
    • Include Customer and Account Comments in Build: Yes or No. This determines if the comments on the Customer Page are visible to the auditors in the audit build.
  4. Select Add. Once the new audit has been added, customers and loans/accounts can be searched for and added to the audit. Define any of the following fields:
    • Customer/Business Name
    • Customer Tax ID
    • Customer Number
    • Customer Status
    • Customer Type
    • Credit Classification
    • Account Number
    • Account Class
    • Account Type
    • Account Status
    • Account Balance
    • Account Commitment
    • Account Origination Date
    • Account Close Date
    • Account Officer
    • Branch
  5. Select Search, an Audit Search Results page will be displayed with the Customers or Loans/Accounts that match the search.
  6. Using the Radio buttons choose either:
    • Add All customers and loans to the results set
    • Add Selected customers and loan to the results set
      • Select the Customers and Loans/Accounts to be included in the Audit by checking the Box next to the information.
  7. Once complete, Select Update. The selected Customers and Loans/Accounts will show in a list under Current Audit Result Set. Continue searching for Customers and Loans/Accounts to be included in the Audit
  8. Before selecting Build Audit, you can specify which documents get exported and shown as part of the audit.
    1. Selecting the Edit icon next to 'All'  will allow you to select or unselect individual document.
    2. Please Note, when selecting collateral, you must select at least one loan document
    3. Once complete, select Update
  9. Once List is complete, select Build Audit. The new Audit will now be listed with the ability to be edited, deleted and viewed.

Viewing an Audit

To view the Audit the way auditors will see it.

  1. Select the View Icon next to the Audit Name
    • Initial page that will be displayed when an auditor is viewing the audit file, they will see the Audit information including the Bank's name, Date Generated, Comments and Privacy Statement  (If a Privacy Statement has been entered through Bank Maintenance).
  2. Select the Audit Listing link to view the audit.
  3. A list of Customers and Loans/Accounts that are in the Audit will be listed. Select the Customer Name to view the Customer and Loan Information
    • The Customer Page will be displayed with the customer information and documents, loan information and documents, additional guarantors, and additional collateral. Auditors cannot do anything except view the information and click on the paper icon to view document images.

Deleting an Audit

  1. From AccuAccount menu, Select Audit
  2. From the Audit listing, select the Delete icon next to the Audit Name
  3. Confirm the deletion, by selecting Delete


Deleting the Audit will delete only the audit contents on the server.

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