Accounts Section (Right Side)

The right side of the Customer Page is the Accounts Section. This is where all of the customers Account Documents, Exceptions, additional Guarantors/Signers, and Comments are found. The Account Documents will change every time a different account is selected for the customer.  The document structure is automatically created depending on the Account Type that is pulled in from the core system.


Document Tab

When the Document tab is selected on the customers page, there will be a Group Name, a Tab Name, and a Document Title. If a document image is available to be viewed, there will be a green dot with a paper icon to the right. By clicking on the paper icon, an image of the documents will open in a separate viewer. If no document is available to be viewed, only a red dot will be present. If a comment bubble is present, hover over the bubble to see a comment for the document or click on it to see the comments in a pop-out window. A triangle indicates this document has been set to a Waived status. By hovering over the triangle, the comments can be viewed or click on it to see the comments in a pop-out window. If the comment has an expiration date, the date will be listed to the far right of the document. A date in red text indicated that this is an expired document, while black text indicates that this document has an expiration date but has not yet expired.

Exceptions Tab

The exception tab will show the description, status, comments, and indicates if a notice letter is tied to the exception and the assigned user. Active exceptions can be identified by the exclamation paint.

AccuAccount has the ability to track several different typed of exceptions, such as:

  • Missing Exceptions: Track for the existence of documents; the exception will be satisfied once a document is scanned/uploaded into the appropriate document tab.
  • Expired Exceptions: Track for expired documents; based upon expiration dates set on the appropriate document tab and grace periods set on the appropriate exception.
  • Task Exceptions: Task exceptions are used for tasks that need to be completed on a particular customer and/or account, such as a signature.
  • Policy Exceptions: Ensure bank compliance by tracking items that are outside of bank policy. A policy exception can be identified by the 'P' next to the exclamation point.

The link at the top left of the Exception Tab, 'Show All Exceptions', will list out all active exceptions and exceptions that once existed, but are now satisfied. To go back, click the link again, which now is titled 'Show Active Exceptions Only'.

Additional Guarantors or Signers Tab

Additional Guarantors/Signers can be pulled into AccuAccount from the core or entered manually if the user has permissions to do so. As Additional Guarantor could also be any of the following:

  • Additional Borrower
  • Additional Signer
  • Co-Borrower
  • Guarantor
  • Authorized Signer
  • Signer
  • Cosigner
  • Grantor
  • Joint Owner
  • Cross Reference
  • Trustee
  • Other

If the Additional Guarantors/Signer tab has a green dot, then there are Additional Guarantors/Signers associated with the account. Click on the Additional Guarantors/Signers tab to show the associated customers. The Additional Guarantors/Signers name will show underlined in blue. Once the name is selected, the user will be directed to that Customer's Page. Any documents imaged from the loan will carry over and can be seen on each borrower's page without having to re-scan or upload them. However, each additional guarantor/sigher will have there own Credit Document structure. The type of guarantor will also be listed, such as Co-Borrower, Signer, Joint Owner, etc. If the user has proper permissions, they will be able to chose the Edit link on the right of the Type to change the type if needed. To the right in the type, the Customer Number will show. If there is more than one guarantor/signer associated with an account, the Primary will have a green dot to the left of their name within the Additional Guarantor/Signer tab.

Comment Tab

All users have the ability to add Comments for a Customer or a Account on the Customers Page.

Select the Comments tab to see a list of comments with the date the comment was posted and the user's name who created it. To add a comment, type the comment in the comment field and select the 'Update' button. The comment is then recorded in the Comment tab. The comments will show on the Customers Page for as long as this customer is in AccuAccount and can only be deleted by a user with Administrative privileges.

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