The Dashboard, or Home page, is the easiest way to search for a customer and/or account, as well as track exceptions, loan applications, and keep up to date with AccuSystems News.


The AccuAccount Dashboard can be customized to allow each user quick access their pertinent information.  Up to 4 additional panels on the dashboard can be activated; however, the Quick Search and AccuSystems News panels are enabled by default and cannot be changed. 

The Quick Search panel allows the user to quickly search for a customer and/or account using specific criteria including: Customer NameCustomer NumberTax Id, or Account Number.   As the user begins to enter customer or account information in the search fields, any matching information in AccuAccount (updated from the bank's core system) will populate.

The AccuSystems News panel provides company updates and information, including new version releases, updates, training information, links to the support website, AccuSystems Newsletters, tutorials, and other helpful information.

The Active Tasks panel shows incomplete tasks assigned to users. Filters are available to customize the view.

The My Active Exceptions panel shows all customers and account with active exceptions. Filters are available to customize the view.

The View Uploads panel shows documents in upload folder(s) that have not been moved to their final destination.

AccuApproval Dashboard Panel

The following dashboard panels are available when the AccuApproval module is enabled for your institution.

The Active Application Timers panel shows all timers currently running in AccuApproval, to include the customer name, application number and elapsed time. Grouped by Timer name.

The My Pending Credit Analysis panel displays all applications currently assigned to logged in credit analyst.

The My Pending Loan Approvals panel displays all applications currently assigned to the logged in approver.

The Approved Applications to be Booked panel shows approved applications ready to be converted to a booked loan, as well as, any recently booked loans for that customer in the last 30 days.

The My Active Loan Applications panel displays all applications currently assigned to the user logged in.

AccuDoc Dashboard Panel

The AccuDoc panel is available when AccuDoc modules are enabled for your institution and the user logged in has permission to one ore more AccuDoc modules.

The AccuDoc panel displays a link to each of the AccuDoc modules the user logged in has security access to.


Edit Dashboard Preferences

To change the panels, choose the Edit Dashboard Preferences link on the top left side of the screen. A pop-up box will appear with a drop down menu of available options. Select the desired panels, in the order to be displayed. Select Update to view the panels on the Dashboard.


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