Changing a Customer Type

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  • Change a Customer Type

Permissions needed to Access this Function: Edit Credit Record

Customers are normally added to AccuAccount via a nightly import of data from the bank's core provider (Jack Henry, Fiserv, etc.). The customer document structure is determined by the system (Individual or Entity). If a customer type is incorrect in AccuAccount the type can be changed and locked so the information does not revert back.


Changing the Customer Type

  1. From the customers page select the Edit Customer link
  2. Select the Change Customer Type Edit icon 
  3. This screen will show the Current Customer Type and a New Customer Type, you can Select a new Customer Type from the drop down menu, then Select Next
    • If there are images scanned into the old customer type, a new screen will display. This will explain that the document structure for the new customer type does not have corresponding tabs. You will be able to choose the document tab you would like to place the images in.
    • If the customer type on the core is different than in AccuAccount, you will need to Lock the customer type so it will not revers back during the nightly processes.
  4. Select Next


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