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Installation and Upgrade Questions

Please contact AccuSystems Support at (719) 583-8004 Ext. 2 or via email at support@accusystem.zendesk.com.

Tickler™ | TicklerC™
Tickler™ Enhancements
60-Day Free Trial
  • Please contact AccuSystems Sales at (719) 583-8004 Ext. 1 or via email at sales@accusystem.net.
Added an Alternate Server Mode that runs as a Windows Service (Compatible with TicklerC™)
  • The server application has been enhanced to control, install and uninstall an alternate Tickler server:
    • Service Mode: Windows Services that runs automatically on startup. 
    • Application Mode: Application controlled/started by a user. *Preexisting TickServ functionality.
Added the TICKMAN Shortcut within the Start Menu Options
  • Upon the initial install or upgrade, a TICKMAN shortcut will be created automatically. 
Tickler™ Known Issue Resolution
Bug# 3420
Unable to Add a New Loan
Made a change to resolve the issue.
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