Monitoring Covenants for a Customer

In this Article learn How To:

  • Monitor Covenants for a Customer

Permissions needed to Access this Function: Edit Credit Record

Covenant Flex Fields

  1. From the customers page select the Edit Customer link
    • Covenant Flex Fields are located at the bottom of the Customer Maintenance Page with any other Custom Fields
    • If the numeric value entered is outside the established Covenant parameters, the field will be "flagged" as a Covenant Exception.
    • All Covenants are displayed in the lower portion of the Exception Tab. The "timer" icon indicates there are Covenant values which require review.
    • Covenant Current Value and Covenant Last Reviewed information can be edited by clicking on the Edit or Timer icons
  2. Enter the Current Value and Covenant Last Reviewed date. Date information can be entered manually or by using the calendar icon
  3. Select Update. This will set the review date and clear the "timer" icon until the next review period, based on the current "Frequency" setting.

Other available options from the Edit icon include:

  • Current Status - Covenant can be set to Active or Inactive on a per customer basis. Setting the status to Inactive will move the Covenant to the background. It can be reactivated by selecting Show All Exceptions.
  • Covenant Rules - Deselecting the Use Defaults box allows the Covenant Rules to be edited on an individual customer.



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