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Customers are normally added to AccuAccount via a nightly import of data from the bank's core provider (Jack Henry, Fiserv, etc.). If there are customers the bank does not want to add to the Core, but would like to have documents scanned for, a customer can be added directly into AccuAccount. These customers must ha a unique Customer Number and Tax ID number in the system. It is recommended that the customer is first searched for by name, Tax ID, and Customer Number, before adding a new customer into the system. This customer will not receive any updated information from the Core. If the customer is added into the Core at a later date, the Customer Name and Customer Number must match Exactly or a duplicate customer will be created. The core will then begin updating the information for that customer.


Add a Customer

  1. Select the Add Customer tab from the top menu bar
  2. Using the radio buttons, Select the Customer Type, then select Update
  3. Define the following fields, then select Update
    • Name - (Required) Customer name.
    • Name 2 - If needed to continue Name 1.
    • Customer Number - (Required)
    • Customer Tax ID - Customer Social Security or Tax ID number
    • Branch - Select from the drop down menu
    • Credit Classification - Select from the drop down menu
    • Assigned Officer - Select from the drop down menu (Customer level)
    • Employee - Check the box to indicate this customer is a bank employee.
    • Customer Type - Select from the drop down menu
    • Customer Status - Select from the drop down menu
    • Ignore Financial Exceptions - If Yes is selected, Credit Exceptions will be ignored for this customer.
    • Contact Information - This information is used for Notice Letters and the Customer Contact Card on the Customers Page.

These fields can each be locked from changes with the nightly processes. If the fields are not locked and information about the customer is pulled in from the Core, the information will be updated to match the Core. Click the Lock icon next to each field that should be Locked

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