Deleting a Customer

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  • Delete a Customer

Permissions needed to Access this Function: Delete Account and Credit Record

Deleting a Customer

  1. When deleting a customer in AccuAccount, you will start by making sure no images have been scanned into the customer you want to delete. If there are images, you will need to move or delete the images from the customer page first.
  2. Delete any additional guarantors that may be tied to the account.
    • Select the Edit icon next to the account number on the customers page
    • Click on the Grantors Tab
    • Identify the additional signers associated with this account. Select the Trash Can/
      Delete icon next to the additional Guarantors name, select Update
  3. Delete any collaterals from the account (deposit accounts will not use this step).
    • Select the Edit icon next to the account number on the customers page
    • Click on the Additional Collaterals Tab
    • Identify the collaterals, select the Trash Can/Delete icon. Select Delete, Confirmation page will display, then select Delete
  4. Select the Edit Customer link
    • On the right hand side you will see a list of accounts that are tied to the customer. Select the Trash can/Delete icon under the Action column.
      • If you do not see the trash can, that means that there is still something associated to the account.
  5. You should now see a Trash Can/Delete icon in the Customer Maintenance. Select the Trash can/Delete icon to delete the customer out of AccuAccount


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